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Flash and PRO Merchant PayPal APIs

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Recently a job popped up to modify a current Flash ActionScript 2.0 site which had a custom cart that sent the user to a PayPal page. The changes where to make the custom cart use the PayPal Merchant Pro API so that it ran the whole purchasing process within Flash. As simple as this should be there, is a lack of support or documentation kicking about on doing this within Flash. So after searching and working out how easy it really is I thought it would be a good idea to post about it, as the amount of questions and forum posts I came across asking if it’s possible and how to go about it was rather extreme.

This guide will cover the rough basics of creating the link beteen Flash and the PayPal API using a simple sendandload. It should be easy enough to adapt and tidy up to produce a proper transaction form.

The first, and quite possibly the longest step is to head over to and setup a sandbox account. You will need to acquire both a personal and business account within your sandbox. Once you have set up a businesses account you will also need to go through the process of upgrading it to a Merchant Pro account. Eventually you will be given the following details: (more…)

Colour Scheme Creator

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Here’s a small useful web developing tool I was linked to the other day by Craig over at (his site is currently under development but try writing beakable into his sites console interface, pretty nifty). It’s a JavaScript colour scheme designer which like many similar tools matches up adequate colours for your primary choice. What makes this colour scheme creator tool more intuitive though is the fact it offers a “Light Page Example” and “Dark Page Example” meaning you can instantly get a rough idea on how the colour scheme would look within a visual template example.

Beakable web portfolio is go!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Well it was bound to take a long time to finish when the only real time you’re allocating for your web portfolio is between work and episodes of Lost. Luckily and probably thankfully the way it’s turning out, the mind blowing shambles which is Lost has come to a halt for another eight months; which means without further ado I can finally present my portfolio at a completed level Although a basic version of the site has been running for the last month or so, it was still in dire need of some brushing up and tying up of loose ends.

I still expect to be tinkering away at different parts of the site over the coming weeks and hopefully improving on its overall feel.

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