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I Love SEO.

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

There is nothing more rewarding in SEO than taking a company that is not listed on Google apart from an “Untitled Page” result when specifically searching the company name and moving to the front of Google. The feeling is great to see them rise above competition. What gives you an even better kick is when after 8 months they go from nowhere to #1 for their main key term “Storage Glasgow”. The Glasgow storage company is now top beating local competition as well as multinational. Now onwards with Spectrum Properties.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

What a year. I could list a hundred great things of 2009 but it would only get boring after the first three :) .  So 2010, in four months I will have my BSc honours which really isn’t a long time away in a galaxy far far away.  2010 is also the year I plan to start reading non-web related books again, improve on the spelling, blog more, draw more (get the laptop/tablet fixed) and relax a bit more.

When I write relax more, I really mean do less work related stuff on the net and hopefully get some more hours towards drawing and programming for fun… not that work isn’t fun but unfortunately no one is going to pay me to finish my flash ISO game :(

Not sure if I did ever post something I was working on in my spare time but here it is in all its basic glory -

Basic game engine: - Purple cubes can be clicked and moved around map using keyboard arrows, crates can be pushed and orange triangles are simple blind AI.

Basic game editor: – Arrrow keys to move around move map, mouse to lay tiles, white buttons bottom left of map display tiles and so on. Save feature in top left.

Till next time :)

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