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Fixing This Blog

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Fixing the blog is going to be of top priority this week. It’s sadly a phantom mess and has been for a while since it went through the twisted changes of my site structure alteration.

First semester over

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Well first semester over and it was pretty hardcore but still great. I thought I’d struggle having taken the year out and built up a bigger portfolio of clients but I managed it. Around the exam period I found myself working from 8am to 11pm on work and reports and I had my first day off since Christmas last Tuesday! The day off was good, played some Skyrim till I felt guilty and returned to reading books for uni however it was still a well needed relaxing day.

I’ve updated the website a little and still have a few more changes to add (HTML5 section & brochures misc part). Not sure when I’ll get time to finish the updates though sadly but I will try and squeeze it in soon. Currently got two large projects on the now in codeigniter (amazing) and another large Flash to Canvas conversion… then two sites lined up and a site for a friends band and more HTML5 stuff and on and on. The coffee is starting to lose effect so I best stop for the night and get a few pages of A Short History of Nearly Everything (also amazing) in.


UK Meds