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Recently finished working on the Glasgow Euro Systems company website which can be seen here: Euro systems – IT Support and computer leasing UK. Building the site and working for both Eddie and Dean was good fun and I hope to pick up further future development work from them.

Currently working on some random outsourced material and three larger websites, two of which I’m building up with wolfCMS again. The third site which I can’t go into much detail right now is being built using the PHP framework Kohana.

Still doing the usual SEO for Aabsolute Self Storage – Glasgow Storage and sister companies as well as their new company Soctch logs Scotland – Firewood in Stirling Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Started my postgraduate masters this week as well in Advanced Computer Science… busy times.

Wolf CMS – Heroic.

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Wolf CMS, by far one of the best content management systems I’ve had the pleasure of using. Can be grabbed from here: It’s a pretty lightweight system that allows for rapid development but it is so damn simple interface wise on the eyes that it has easily became my favourite CMS. Recently finished building Scotch logs – firewood Scotland with it. I’d highly recommend, another overall benefit with the simple interface is that your clients will be able to navigate around the backend easily without feeling overwhelmed.

Must say I’m impressed. Being a hardcore Flash fan and developer and having used the Macromedia/Adobe tied program for over ten years now, Canvas seems refreshing and fun. As far as preference goes, I would still stick with Flash Action Script 3.0 but then it does have years on Canvas. Having done physics demos with C++ and openGL at university years ago it was strange programming again without all the user friendliness or simplification of AS3 in terms of just writing “.x / .y =”. Now I’m no canvas expert nor am I confident my 1st attempt is properly coded and I’m sure it could be tidied up and reduced, but giving it was my first shot with no tutorials followed and a few hours thrown at it I think it turned out alright.

The game is rather simple and is similar to the first game I programmed in Flash all those years ago. Simply dodge the space meteors with your ship using the keyboard. The hit testing is a bit dodgy but I want to move on to something else now rather than perfect it. The longer you dodge the meteors the higher your score. It is pretty easy to cheat by just leaving the stage/canvas area but seeing as there is no high score table, you are only cheating your own self out of a damn good time.

One thing I may do before I burry it in the depth of my hard drive somewhere is have a go at making it iPhone compatible. It runs on the iPhone albeit slow and jumpy, and the ship can’t be moved due to it requiring key input but… bleh will see what can be done just for the hell of it.

And excuse the messy page itself, I’ve just thrown it into a standard layout hence the double <body> tags and left justification etc.

Flash and PRO Merchant PayPal APIs

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Recently a job popped up to modify a current Flash ActionScript 2.0 site which had a custom cart that sent the user to a PayPal page. The changes where to make the custom cart use the PayPal Merchant Pro API so that it ran the whole purchasing process within Flash. As simple as this should be there, is a lack of support or documentation kicking about on doing this within Flash. So after searching and working out how easy it really is I thought it would be a good idea to post about it, as the amount of questions and forum posts I came across asking if it’s possible and how to go about it was rather extreme.

This guide will cover the rough basics of creating the link beteen Flash and the PayPal API using a simple sendandload. It should be easy enough to adapt and tidy up to produce a proper transaction form.

The first, and quite possibly the longest step is to head over to and setup a sandbox account. You will need to acquire both a personal and business account within your sandbox. Once you have set up a businesses account you will also need to go through the process of upgrading it to a Merchant Pro account. Eventually you will be given the following details: (more…)

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