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Recently finished working on the Glasgow Euro Systems company website which can be seen here: Euro systems – IT Support and computer leasing UK. Building the site and working for both Eddie and Dean was good fun and I hope to pick up further future development work from them.

Currently working on some random outsourced material and three larger websites, two of which I’m building up with wolfCMS again. The third site which I can’t go into much detail right now is being built using the PHP framework Kohana.

Still doing the usual SEO for Aabsolute Self Storage – Glasgow Storage and sister companies as well as their new company Soctch logs Scotland – Firewood in Stirling Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Started my postgraduate masters this week as well in Advanced Computer Science… busy times.

Work – love it.

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Recently I’ve started to get in touch and work with quite a few companies and individuals with extremely different backgrounds and requirements. I’ve always always always enjoyed my time so far freelancing and working in multiple web languages and creating different things. However recently the variety and mix of projects completely different from one another has properly made me realise how lucky I am to have managed to get into my field of work. Recently just finished off a wolfcms site with an ecommerce end as well over at Scotch logs – Firewood Scotland has been great fun making (was even asked to get some of my drawings into it). Unlike quite a lot of firewood sites the information is clear and bold with a nice vibe given by the site appearance. Now it’s on to the SEO side of things for the site.

And oh yeah, this time next month I’ll be in my masters course doing Advanced Computer Science… *gulp*.

Wolf CMS – Heroic.

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Wolf CMS, by far one of the best content management systems I’ve had the pleasure of using. Can be grabbed from here: It’s a pretty lightweight system that allows for rapid development but it is so damn simple interface wise on the eyes that it has easily became my favourite CMS. Recently finished building Scotch logs – firewood Scotland with it. I’d highly recommend, another overall benefit with the simple interface is that your clients will be able to navigate around the backend easily without feeling overwhelmed.

Recent site work & BCG projects

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

So the first BCG project is finished and can now be seen over on the Flash portfolio page or here: It’s a pretty well designed Flash AS3 interactive quiz and is used for testing your market expansion skills. By selecting the most relevant questions and storing the answers at the cost of days to formulate the answer you have to use your day allowance wisely. Once you have formulated your opinion and chosen the next step for the toy company in question, the app gives you feedback on how well you did and whether or not you chose your questions well. More BCG projects coming soon as well as a pretty epic scaled one almost finished.

Also some layout updates to the blog have been underway with increases in paragraph width and fixing the colour coding of the  WordPress code module. The banner has also been updated and has had its colours increased to a more vibrant appearance. Comparisons can be seen bellow. The Beakable logo has also been separated from the background now as well as size increased, which annoyingly makes it easier for the sneaky Russians to steal as they can just remove it no bother when they take my code. For anyone who has missed the whole Russia stealth steal thing check out: Pretty awesome knowing your site has been pirated and can be downloaded from multiple sites!

Another update is the include of “Facebook likes” which is now above every project and portfolio piece. Need to see what  I can do though as a work around for making the code validated. I haven’t integrated it with my Blog posts yet  but not sure if I will… See how I feel next time I’m bored.

I Love SEO.

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

There is nothing more rewarding in SEO than taking a company that is not listed on Google apart from an “Untitled Page” result when specifically searching the company name and moving to the front of Google. The feeling is great to see them rise above competition. What gives you an even better kick is when after 8 months they go from nowhere to #1 for their main key term “Storage Glasgow”. The Glasgow storage company is now top beating local competition as well as multinational. Now onwards with Spectrum Properties.

Spectrum Properties Website

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Similar to the new Projects blog category as I finish sites and so on I will post and record them here.

Spectrum Properties Logo

A few days ago I finished and went Live with the Spectrum Properties website. It uses the cakePHP framework (which I’m really starting to love) as the sites backend, which made it a doddle to generate the large database driven content. Also uses a touch of jQuery with a relatively good use of the Google Maps API to produce the office, workshops and other property locations. The sites content is still in need of some touching up and perhaps a few site tweaks as well as finishing touches to the custom CMS I made (incorporates TinyMCE and jQuery). The site can be seen at I went for a spacious clean and professional look and as usual its XHTML & CSS valid. As always feel free to leave any feedback – positive or negative.

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