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Euro Systems Glasgow site completion and current work

Recently finished working on the Glasgow Euro Systems company website which can be seen here: Euro systems – IT Support and computer leasing UK. Building the site and working for both Eddie and Dean was good fun and I hope to pick up further future development work from them.

Currently working on some random outsourced material and three larger websites, two of which I’m building up with wolfCMS again. The third site which I can’t go into much detail right now is being built using the PHP framework Kohana.

Still doing the usual SEO for Aabsolute Self Storage – Glasgow Storage and sister companies as well as their new company Soctch logs Scotland – Firewood in Stirling Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Started my postgraduate masters this week as well in Advanced Computer Science… busy times.

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  1. David says:

    Thanks for the Wolf CMS kudos! Would be very interested to see what other sites you’ve built with it. Ever thought of posting links in the Wolf Showcase forum?

    Best wishes from Inverkeithing. ;)

  2. Hi David,

    I’m a huge fan of wolfCMS and on the donation list for it too :) . I really thank you for the great work you guys have done.

    The new remake of
    and are both my most recent wolfCMS sites. Scotchlogs has a custom built in shopping cart linked to a merchant account which works really well. The simple interface allows them to easily add items much smoother than that of the bigger bulked CMSs.

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