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First shot at the whole HTML5 Canvas Game Flash killer Thingy.

Must say I’m impressed. Being a hardcore Flash fan and developer and having used the Macromedia/Adobe tied program for over ten years now, Canvas seems refreshing and fun. As far as preference goes, I would still stick with Flash Action Script 3.0 but then it does have years on Canvas. Having done physics demos with C++ and openGL at university years ago it was strange programming again without all the user friendliness or simplification of AS3 in terms of just writing “.x / .y =”. Now I’m no canvas expert nor am I confident my 1st attempt is properly coded and I’m sure it could be tidied up and reduced, but giving it was my first shot with no tutorials followed and a few hours thrown at it I think it turned out alright.

The game is rather simple and is similar to the first game I programmed in Flash all those years ago. Simply dodge the space meteors with your ship using the keyboard. The hit testing is a bit dodgy but I want to move on to something else now rather than perfect it. The longer you dodge the meteors the higher your score. It is pretty easy to cheat by just leaving the stage/canvas area but seeing as there is no high score table, you are only cheating your own self out of a damn good time.

One thing I may do before I burry it in the depth of my hard drive somewhere is have a go at making it iPhone compatible. It runs on the iPhone albeit slow and jumpy, and the ship can’t be moved due to it requiring key input but… bleh will see what can be done just for the hell of it.

And excuse the messy page itself, I’ve just thrown it into a standard layout hence the double <body> tags and left justification etc.

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UK Meds