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Wolf CMS – Heroic.

August 1st, 2011

Wolf CMS, by far one of the best content management systems I’ve had the pleasure of using. Can be grabbed from here: It’s a pretty lightweight system that allows for rapid development but it is so damn simple interface wise on the eyes that it has easily became my favourite CMS. Recently finished building Scotch logs – firewood Scotland with it. I’d highly recommend, another overall benefit with the simple interface is that your clients will be able to navigate around the backend easily without feeling overwhelmed.

Well, well, well.

This part of the site has started to gather dust, in fact so has quite a bit of my portfolio. Haven’t updated nor posted latest portfolio additions for quite a while now HOWEVER that is all about to change. Tail between legs I can hang my head in shame and admit I failed in keeping this blog up-to-date. With that sad yet obvious news out in the open it’s about time we moved on and got back on it. So it gives me great pleasure to announce that the Beakable Blog will become content rich and have regular updates. In the mean time, here is my latest Photoshop drawing… Rabbit Zombies!

Beakable Blog back up.

January 9th, 2011

Still needs finished to fit in with the the new site design (along with other parts of the site) but touched up enough to get it back up anyway.

Been major busy with life, work and also my side HTMl5 project which by the way is coming on great. Now using HTML5 web sockets, decent amount of multiplayer interactivity, AI with path finding and so on. Hoping to have a video up soon showcasing how far along this project has come.

Anyway enough of this, got to get back to work after sticking the kettle on of course. Oh and got accepted into Strathclyde Univserist for my 5th year masters in Computer Science. Woah woah.

Haven’t updated this blog for quite a while and it’s the same old excuse sadly :( . Work. I have quite a number of portfolio pieces to add but really should get back to this BCG stuff, however… Over the last week or so I’ve been working away at this in bed: It turned out quite good I think, though could have been better but still perhaps my next drawing I’ll actually be completely happy with! (doubt it).

Anyway will get some of my latest stuff up some point this week once the emails stop coming in for a few minutes. Also planning on picking up Glacial Flame again in the next month with a video of the current state coming soon.

Craig and myself have been ploughing through Canvas now and are getting on pretty well with our canvas game Glacial Flame.

The image shows a current building tile set as well as a mock user interface.  As we are developing Glacial Flame we have been writing up posts on achieving results yourself within the world of Canvas. These posts include guides and code on Measuring FPS with Canvas and Building a Particle Engine with Canvas. Our next post will be covering how to save and load data as XML from a database to Canvas which should be pretty helpful to someone!

HTML5 Summer project

June 23rd, 2010

So after a small trial run with HTML5 and the posted space game being a get to grips shot of it all, Craig Wright a friend with programming powah and myself are now throwing ourselves into the deep, the epic deep. In the midst of developing the very basics of our new game RPG engine our plans are huge on an grand scale. Keep an eye out for Glacial Flame a HTML5 Canvas isometric game which isn’t exactly around the corner or close to release but is bound to impress. For a better description seen

So the first BCG project is finished and can now be seen over on the Flash portfolio page or here: It’s a pretty well designed Flash AS3 interactive quiz and is used for testing your market expansion skills. By selecting the most relevant questions and storing the answers at the cost of days to formulate the answer you have to use your day allowance wisely. Once you have formulated your opinion and chosen the next step for the toy company in question, the app gives you feedback on how well you did and whether or not you chose your questions well. More BCG projects coming soon as well as a pretty epic scaled one almost finished.

Also some layout updates to the blog have been underway with increases in paragraph width and fixing the colour coding of the  WordPress code module. The banner has also been updated and has had its colours increased to a more vibrant appearance. Comparisons can be seen bellow. The Beakable logo has also been separated from the background now as well as size increased, which annoyingly makes it easier for the sneaky Russians to steal as they can just remove it no bother when they take my code. For anyone who has missed the whole Russia stealth steal thing check out: Pretty awesome knowing your site has been pirated and can be downloaded from multiple sites!

Another update is the include of “Facebook likes” which is now above every project and portfolio piece. Need to see what  I can do though as a work around for making the code validated. I haven’t integrated it with my Blog posts yet  but not sure if I will… See how I feel next time I’m bored.

Must say I’m impressed. Being a hardcore Flash fan and developer and having used the Macromedia/Adobe tied program for over ten years now, Canvas seems refreshing and fun. As far as preference goes, I would still stick with Flash Action Script 3.0 but then it does have years on Canvas. Having done physics demos with C++ and openGL at university years ago it was strange programming again without all the user friendliness or simplification of AS3 in terms of just writing “.x / .y =”. Now I’m no canvas expert nor am I confident my 1st attempt is properly coded and I’m sure it could be tidied up and reduced, but giving it was my first shot with no tutorials followed and a few hours thrown at it I think it turned out alright.

The game is rather simple and is similar to the first game I programmed in Flash all those years ago. Simply dodge the space meteors with your ship using the keyboard. The hit testing is a bit dodgy but I want to move on to something else now rather than perfect it. The longer you dodge the meteors the higher your score. It is pretty easy to cheat by just leaving the stage/canvas area but seeing as there is no high score table, you are only cheating your own self out of a damn good time.

One thing I may do before I burry it in the depth of my hard drive somewhere is have a go at making it iPhone compatible. It runs on the iPhone albeit slow and jumpy, and the ship can’t be moved due to it requiring key input but… bleh will see what can be done just for the hell of it.

And excuse the messy page itself, I’ve just thrown it into a standard layout hence the double <body> tags and left justification etc.

Fast Food Wars

June 6th, 2010

Bicep curl now, burger later?

Credit: OpenStax College via Wikimedia Commons

Whether you’re training for a marathon or pumping iron like Arnold, intense physical activity depletes your muscles’ primary source of energy, glycogen. There’s a whole industry of post-workout supplements designed to help your muscles bounce back as quickly as possible. But according to a study recently published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, other foods–including fast food–could replenish glycogen just as efficiently as the special supplements.

When you lift up that heavy dumbbell, the energy you’re using comes from glycogen, which makes up 2 percent of the weight of your skeletal muscles. (Glycogen can also be stored in the liver and released as a backup energy supply.) As you use your muscles, the amount of glycogen gradually decreases, usually depleting its supply between 10 and 30 minutes of the start of an activity depending on its intensity. For better weight loss results learn from the latest supplement reviews, like resurge reviews.

Replacing this glycogen after a workout is key–if you don’t, muscles can go looking for other sources of energy, weakening the body’s structure and stressing out the immune system. Carbohydrates are the primary source of glycogen, which is why a lot of athletes try carbo-loading before a demanding event, to give their muscles more energy. But eating some carbs after a workout is important, too, to replenish the glycogen lost during the workout and making muscles bulkier in preparation for future stress.

In the new study, researchers tested the effects of glycogen supplements and fast food on glycogen recovery and exercise performance. Eleven participants fasted for 12 hours before a 90-minute endurance workout. Immediately after, half of them were fed hotcakes, hash browns and orange juice, then after 2 hours were given a burger, fries and a Coke. The other half were given Gatorade, Cliff bars and Powerbars at the same times. At various intervals after the meal, the researchers took muscle tissue samples and did blood tests to check the subjects’ glycogen levels. They found that, after four hours, the results were basically the same no matter what the athletes ate.

It’s also important to note that the researchers aren’t saying that fast food is better than these nutritional supplements; in general, eating too much fast food can be detrimental to your overall health, as it often contains a lot of sodium, cholesterol, and calories that can lead to a number of health conditions, such as obesity. So, like any time you visit a fast food joint, exercise caution, especially after a workout.

The web presence of Glasgow storage company Aabsolute in text and pictures with no 3D glasses required.

Before I set about the site it had been hitting machines in a rather poorly coded fashion. The information was there, but with browser issues and design flaws it was not the beauty site of self storage. With the code cleaned up and made Google presentable the site hit the first page.


A site revamp with SEO in mind brought forward this little number. A lot cleaner in both code and layout it boosted through Google with off-site SEO and soon entered the search engines top three. A success as unique visitors had more than tripled and search engines saw it as a hotty for Glasgow self storage orientated key phrases.


Being in the top three was good, but being pushed for number one gives you something to strive for. With no promises made and the SEO run down given Aabsolute was sent on the journey of becoming top dog for its key phrases. Searching storage Glasgow, storage units Glasgow, storage space Glasgow, business storage Glasgow and many more give you the site as Googles top pick. It also comes in second for many other alternative key phrase searches like self storage Glasgow. However being top of both local and national competition for the main phrase Glasgow storage has been achieved and the site flourishes with an ever increasing web presence and monthly unique views. Recently it had a small design revamp and is now landing on peoples browsers with an even better visual appearance which the below screenshot shows.


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